Rooted In Health
Discover How to Create Radiant Health, Effortless Joy, and Lasting Energy in Just Minutes a Day to Totally Transform Your Life.
Get Instant Access to a Simple Step-by-Step Action Plan for Feeling Happy, Energized, and Healthy each day!
Join Thousands of People who have learned to create Radiant Health, Effortless Joy, and Lasting Energy in just minutes per day!
Hear From Those Who Are Finding the Key to Healing Physical and Emotional Imbalances!
"these words have already began to change my heart and mind"
"I absolutely loved the videos and the information within them. I need time to continue to soak in it...
these words have already begun to change my heart and mind."
Here's What You're Going to Get...
This simple, yet comprehensive wellness system will put you on the path to feeling happy, energized, and healthy each day.
Expert Access:
Megan provides expert advice about how to get fast and lasting results. However your access doesn't stop there because the start kit includes bonus interviews with the experts Megan relies on to solve the most challenging issues.
Clear Guidance:
Get rid of the confusion surrounding why everything you're tried hasn't worked! Megan shows you why despite your best efforts with diets and supplements, you're still feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed. You'll learn about the root cause and discover the right tools to implement in your life.
Support In Your Inbox:
You are not alone in your journey! Receive guidance to follow the simple process that has changed thousands of lives forever. You'll get the how-to insights on health, wellness, and tips to immediately implement during your journey. 
“Megan Buer has become a front-line therapy where I see emotional stress as a primary underpinning to biologic disease. The results have fueled a loyal following among my patients, friends, and family.”
Zach Bush, M.D.
Co-founder Restore Supplement and CEO of Biomic Sciences
Revolution Health Center 
Exclusive Membership Access to My Mastermind Program Teaching You Three Simple Modules
Mastermind Video Introduction
The Secrets To How Your Body Creates Health and Joy, and How It Creates Disease and Negativity. 
Module 1
Creating Effortless Change
Get motivation and energy you need to do everything you know you should be doing
Video 1
The simple secret that creates balance, joy, and radiant health effortlessly

Video 2
How to become an active participant in your life and have fun again

Video 3
The secret to motivation
Module 2
Creating Balance
Overcome anxiety, stress, and lethargy for radiant health
Video 1
Everything you’ve been trying to do to heal hasn’t worked, and this is why

Video 2
Overcome any negative emotion or stress with this simple 2 minute daily routine

Video 3
The Rooted In Health Proprietary Process to Heal Day to Day Stress

Video 4
Rooted In Health Modality Script: 
Two Minutes to Heal Any Negative Emotion or Past Pain
Module 3
Empowering Tools
Simple ways to feel energized, joyful, and healthy each day
Video 1
How to have the energy to do what you know you need to do

Video 2
How to feel excited to get out of bed each morning

Video 3
How to feel empowered and confident

Video 4
How to create radiant health in 5 minutes a day
You'll Also Get Instant Access to
Megan's Exclusive Bonuses:
Zen In Ten
with Megan
These daily, authentic self-care tips are at the core of wellness and healing. You'll get access to my exclusive exercises I've implemented with hundred of clients all over the world. 
Webinar Training On Gut Health with Dr. Zach Bush
Learn how poor gut health affects mental wellness as Zach Bush, M.D., founder of Restore, and Megan discuss the effects of gut health and wellness.
Exclusive Quick Tips Emailed Directly To You
Throughout the course, I provide exclusive tips and insight to maintaining your overall health and wellness - after all, it's really about focusing on your roots for optimal health.
Read What Others Are Saying About Megan Buer...
"Megan is a gifted practitioner and I am grateful to have found her! My whole health picture has improved as a result of her work with me. I grew up with the typical American mindset that when you have an ailment, you go to the doctor and get medicine. Although I took medicine most of my life, I never got well. When I learned about energy medicine, I came to the realization that I had been going about it all wrong. Megan’s treatments helped me get to the root of the problem and heal from the inside out. Not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Health is multi-faceted and we have to have a multi-dimensional approach to recovery. Megan is skilled at helping people with all aspects of health and well-being.”
"Although I have immersed myself over the past several years in different healing modalities (massage, meditation, yoga, reiki, and prayer), I was still suffering from physical issues that were becoming more and more persistent and debilitating. That is when a friend introduced me to Megan. As a believer that our bodies DO have the infinite wisdom to heal themselves, I was intrigued and contacted Megan right away. One of the most profound things that I took away from Megan is the quote, "Healing isn't about fixing who you are, its about remembering who you are". Now, everyday, when I awaken, I am remembering who I am and my life has never been better. Thank you! I am so very grateful."
All The Tools I Use Every Day For Myself and My Clients 
Are Taught In This Course
You have access to the most powerful tools Megan created to help people take back their wellness and feel amazing.  Start your journey today.
You can do this!  I am here to help.
You are not broken and you are worth it and deserve this!  Start today with a decision to take care of yourself.
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