Break the Cycle of Emotional Eating for Good
3 Simple Steps to Food Freedom
Webinar with Megan Buer
Do you want to eat healthy, but seem to be stuck in cycles of self-sabotage?

Are you tired of being stressed about food all the time?

Are you tired of overeating "bad" food every day?

Do you keep telling yourself that this is the LAST time, and that you will make a real change soon...but it never happens?

Has diet culture got you crazy confused about what to eat?

Are you ready to finally make peace with food and get on with your life?

Join Megan Buer, CECP for an evening of coaching and healing, as she dives deep into the root causes of emotional eating. After healing her own personal struggle with food, and helping hundred of clients heal from self sabotage emotional eating behaviors, she has formulated a simple 3 step process for stopping emotional eating for good.

Grab a cup of tea, a pen, and cozy up to learn and heal the patterns of emotional healing.
Topics Covered
* How to identify your personal emotional eating trigger
* The simple mindset trick to change the way you think about food       and stop sugar cravings
* How to ditch the diets and practice intuitive eating
* Step by step guidance for what to do when cravings hit
* Healing EFT script to use daily for deep healing around food and    body image
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